I love maps!  So I thought I would list the countries geographically located closest to my present position.

  1. Russia.  Well, duh!
  2. Kazakhstan.  Surprisingly close, if you drive east.
  3. Ukraine.  The eastern part.  If Russia had its way, the border would be much further west of me.
  4. Georgia.  Due south.
  5. Azerbaijan.  Bigger than Georgia, which I found surprising, and next door to it.
  6. Armenia.  There’s no border with Russia, you have to drive through Georgia.
  7. Turkey. Again you have to go via Georgia.
  8. Uzbekistan.  I would have to cross Kazakhstan and the Caspian Sea but it is next closest.
  9. Turkmenistan.  Only just a little further away than its neighbour Uzbekistan.
  10. Iran.  Actually closer to me than Belarus and Moldova.  The next tranche of countries includes Syria and Iraq!

If I drive due West the first country I will hit is Ukraine.

If I drive due South the first country I will hit is Georgia.

If I drive due East the first country I will hit is Kazakhstan, and much sooner than if I drive any other direction.

If I drive due North the first country I will hit is… Canada.  Just missing Norway (Svalbard) and USA (Alaska).  And obviously this would involve going over the North Pole and heading south.

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