Today I have 6 lessons to prepare for tomorrow.  Thankfully I am not starting at 11pm!  Tomorrow I have a Russian lesson, then immediately afterwards 2 new lessons in the central teaching rooms.  The first is using a textbook I have never seen, and I did not think I was going to be able to get a copy before the lesson!  Fortunately, at English Club today, I told my colleague Alex my problem and he was able to help me get a copy of the book (I think we opened a cupboard we are not meant to open!) and explained how to prepare the lesson.

My second lesson finishes at 1pm and my first lesson in Tractorniy (a 40-minute tram ride) starts at 3pm, so I will not have much time for dinner!  I will have my usual 4 lessons in Tractorniy, finish at 20:00 and arrive home by about 21:00.  Then I must prepare 4 lessons for the following day, Tuesday!  (although perhaps I will have time to do 3 of them after my first, in the morning).

Fortunately I have a day off on Wednesday, plenty of time to prepare for the 4 lessons on Thursday and maybe work on my proofreading project.  On Friday it is another Russian lesson and another 3 teaching lessons, and 4 more lessons on Saturday – assuming there are no additions or cancellations.

It is a busy schedule and does not leave much free time.  Considering I had not been working for 9 months before I started here, and got used to a life of indolence, it is a bit of a culture shock, but probably one which I needed!  And it helps that a lot of the work is enjoyable and rewarding, and the school know I am newly qualified, so I am given a bit of leeway.  Ultimately it is the students who pay for the lessons, and I have not had any of them complain yet!


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