Today was cold.  At 2.35 pm the temperature was -1C according to a display in a shop I passed on the bus.  There were little flecks of snow in the air even when I headed into the central office at 9.30 am, it wasn’t big snow but it just continued all day, and eventually started accumulating on the ground.

Everyone’s favourite fountain!


We had a seminar in the morning, and afterwards Peter, Ale and I headed to the Turtle Canteen to grab a hot drink before Peter headed back to Volzhsky.  I had a cup of hot chocolate, and Peter ordered an interesting looking cake.  I asked him about it and he let me try a piece – it was actually very tasty, so much so that I bought my own slice.  I thought it was a bit gingery, but it appears to be honey cake (Medovik).  It is the first nice tasting cake I have found since arriving here.

Honey cake

We had a bit of interesting news today, but because I still have a couple of scheduled posts lined up and I’m trying to keep some sort of narrative cohesiveness to this account of my adventures, I will hold off and update you at the weekend!

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