Zhabadushat (The Arts Café) Pr. Lenina – popularised by John and a regular Saturday night haunt for English teachers.  Serves food and alcohol, also has a hookah section.  Plays obscure films without sound on the walls, with an eclectic music track.  Recently moved from near Port Said Street to a location north of Lenin Square.

Bar and Grill ul. Volodarskogo – Decent steakhouse that serves decent steak and beer, relatively expensive for Volgograd but not excessive, often features live music.

Harats ul. Krasnoznamenskaya – Irish-style bar that also serves food and has live music every night.  It is possible to get very drunk here.

Scoozi ul. Raboche-Krestyankaya – Italian restaurant in Voroshilovskiy Mall, got good reviews from Alessandro.  I ordered a pizza and got unwanted olives and mushrooms.  Can’t say I like the place.

Rimini – Name of two separate Italian restaurants, one on ul. Raboche-Krastyanskaya at the south end of the Astrokhansky Bridge, which Wesley and Francesca both liked, the other on ul. Gagarina which Alessandro thought was a little faux-Italian.  I have since eaten at the Gagarina one, it is a nice atmosphere but I didn’t think much of the pasta.

Mayak (Lighthouse) ul. Krasnoznamenskaya – Landmark restaurant with a tall pointed red roof – I’ve never eaten there despite it being right next to the block where I live, but I would imagine they serve Volga seafood.

Guacamole ul. Glubokoovrazhnaya – Mexican restaurant.  Food apparently not very spicy, unless you are Russian.  I think this may have closed down now.

Zhar-Pizza Pr. Lenina and other outlets – fast food outlet selling fried chicken and pizza by the slice.  Very popular with young people, families and fussy British teachers.

Pizzagrad ul. Krasnoznamenskaya– Good quality pizza restaurant frequented by Wesley

Come In Bar Pr. LeninaTraditional style bar that serves pizza and other snacks – John considered it the best pizza in town.

Kadafy – Karaoke bar at the south end of the Embankment.  Expensive drinks and pretentious food.  Mikhail likes it.

The Alaska Bar ul. Leninaunderground beer cellar with craft beers and lively atmosphere.

Gastropub Biblioteka ul Sovetskaya – Bar at the bottom of Alley of Heroes, serves food and has live music.  Other Stephen likes the vodka.

Deja Vu ul. Komsomolskaya – posh restaurant which can host your company Christmas party.  Has now closed down and been replaced by a karaoke bar.

Ostrovok Vkusa (Turtle Canteen) Pr. Lenina – traditional Russian canteen selling pre-cooked food, tea, coffee and cakes.

Blin Klub (Pancake Club) ul. Sovetskaya – a great little diner-style restaurant serving traditional blini (pancakes).

Custom Coffee ul. Sovetskaya – coffee shop that has really good atmosphere and really good coffee, according to Janelle and Brianna.  Be careful when ordering hot chocolate, you will get a dessert not a drink!

Dodo Pizza allei Geroi – eat-in or delivery pizza shop, good quality though quite expensive.  Now Wesley’s go-to pizza place.

MacDonalds, KFC and Subway outlets are available across the city.